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12/1/21 UPDATE

All crews will get 20 points each for selling gift cards to customers the next three weeks. All employees making a sale on their own will get 40 . Heres how to order

  • A physical gift card – call the office and we will take payment and mail the cards out as soon as monday
  • for an ecard you can ring it up by clicking here for the customer
  1. Trucks do not stop until after 11am. We have no problem paying you while you get lunch, we will not however pay you for stopping for breakfast too. We moved our start time up from 7:30 to 7 to get trucks to the dump early, to help you get out earlier. Stopping before 11 is not an option.
  2. The company christmas party will be held at the yard on Dec 12th starting at 6pm to 9pm – this year we are doing a potluck for food – beer, wine, and booze will be supplied. All immediate family members will be welcome (spouse & kids) – working on getting a Santa there as well as games for the kids
  3. Employee of the year will be announced at our Christmas Party – the winner will get an all expense paid trip in January or Feb to a tropical destination and $1000 spending money – winner will be decided on having the highest average points monthly for the year of 2021 – employee must have been working here a minimum of 6 months
  4. Employee Christmas bonuses will be gauged on time working here, position, and loyalty / reliability
  5. Save money – we get slow halfway through january through mid march. Although we will try to get everyone 35 to 40 hours weekly during this time. Bonuses also are affected monthly as these months the company typically takes a loss ignorer to keep all employed and avoid layoffs.
  6. Any employee interested in owning a TCW national franchise with a minimum of 1 year in should text steve to have an initial discussion about it. We can help you save for the investment into year two and beyond. Employees enrolled in the savings program are given first right of refusal for each area to be opened. We will start selling franchises in 2022.

We greatly appreciate our employees here and all your hard work and dedication 🙂